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3rd-Oct-2012 04:02 pm - Showa Heisei // MoriYamaJima
ariyamajima 3
So, I watched back old videos of Showa Heisei / Heisei Families. OMG, I miss them so much. Yama-Yuto-Ryu are so adorable, cute and so sweet. It's just too precious!!

MoriYamaJima 1

MoriYamaJima 2

gifs by me, myself~
17th-Aug-2012 02:08 pm - Happy Birthday Nakajima Yuto
Okay, I know I'm kinda late but still, Happy Birthday Yuto-kun~!! You, Yamada and Daiki will always be my bias and I'll always love you guys!!
Like always. Birthday spam. This time I make a gif spam.

[Yuto&apos;s gif birthday spam~! <3]
Our cute chibi Yuto-kun on our Yama-chan and Ryu audition day. :))

18 8
cutiepie!!! <3

anyone want to keep this pet? xD

then, how about this rabbit? 

21 23
this cute adorable and lovable kid that I think no one can hate him...

You really know how to act cute even during cool performance!!

our hyper Yuto~ xD

2 6 3 

15 16
Yuto + food = cuteness~!

love from yuto~! <3

yamajima smile
yamajima~!! their smile are always the best~ <3

aww, this 18 years old boy being adorable~!

our drummer boy~! 

chibi YamaJima
a must, YamaJima, their friendship is the best~ <3

YamaJima on SD making

this is so cute of them~ again, Happy Birthday Yuto~!! <3

27th-Jul-2012 09:00 pm - Just personal confessions
yama &amp; yuto kawaii
This is an old things but I just really want to say something. I kept this long enough and really want to confess this. 

[I think it’s important to support them...]
Just because it’s this OTP turned to do a drama together, that doesn't mean you need to show an unsupportive attitude like that. 
We are all ship our own OTP which sometimes can be different with each other, but I think it’s important to support them, just because you don’t ship them, please don’t go all cynical and skeptical. I personally, have my own OTP, but when one of my OTP needs to do work together with the other member, I’ll try my best to keep supporting them. I'm really hurt when they talk bad about my OTP and went saying like "they just act in the same drama" or "it just because of the drama" and some of them even didn't watch the drama just because they didn't ship them. 

9th-May-2012 12:35 am - Happy Birthday Yamada Ryosuke~!!
9 May~!!!! It's Yama-chan birthday~!!! Yama-chan, Otanjoubi Omedetou~!! Happy 19th Birthday~!! 19 already ne~ xD I'm not good at talking and writing, so Yama-chan picspam~!! xD

[Picspam here~ ❤]

Last but not least~ bonus~ Yamajima~! a must~ xDDDD

15th-Apr-2012 10:11 pm - Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki~!!
  15 April~!! Dai-chan birthday~!! Happy Birthday dear niban, Dai-chan~!! Here comes Dai-chan picspam~!! xD   

 [Picspam here~ ❤] 

13th-Mar-2012 04:45 pm - School Kakumei (2012.03.11) with Yuto
ariyamajima 3
I'm so excited after hearing that Yuto was also performing with Yama-chan, Chii and Hikaru in School Kakumei (2012.03.11)!! I was like kyaa!! Hontoni?! xDD If any of you guys want to download it go to Kamichan's entry, here.

18th-Feb-2012 10:55 am - Hey! Say! JUMP in Hong Kong
I know this a bit late, because this suppose before Yamada, Yuto and Chinen graduations. It's about their Asia Tour 2012. Always great to watch how fangirls go crazy. Thank god that nobody got trampled to death. 

Funny moment there when Dai-chan almost got hit by some chocolates that somebody was throwing at him. He dodged the bullet. Nice one Dai-chan... 

By the way, they decided to add two more concerts at Hong Kong. They were originally going to do only two concerts, now it's four. Get your ticket while still can.


credits to Kamichan

On February 17th, Hey! Say! JUMP members Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto and Chinen Yuri officially graduated from high school through a ceremony at Horikoshi High School. 

The boys held a press conference after the ceremony, and reporters noticed that Yamada had tears in his eyes. Shaking his head, Yamada protested, "No no, it's eye drops." He also recalled a 'cold' memory from high school, "My teachers scolded me a lot. I had to sit in the hallway a few times. Sitting there in the winter was though." 

Contrast with Yamada, Chinen who has image as honor student, shared a cheerful memory from high school, saying, "I was happy I placed 4th on the tests in our grade level." When asked, "When did you study?", he quickly responded, "I just listened to the lectures." When Yamada heard it, he said "I feel unpleasant that the gap between me and him is too far" with bitter smile.

Then, Yuto recalled their memory as trio that have close relationship in school, he said "I and Chinen often eating Ontama Curry in school canteen together, that was fun." with a bit tears on his eyes and smiling. 

Now that they've graduated high school, the three members plan to devote themselves entirely to their entertainment activities. "We'll get employed by Johnny's Entertainment," they said in unison (Yamari moment). Yamada added, "I want to take advantage of the time I'm not in school to build up my own abilities and mature as a member of JUMP." 

Hey! Say! JUMP will embark on their first Asia Tour starting March 24th. They are scheduled to hold concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Seoul. Yamada said, "To make up for the language barrier, we want to show it in our performance." Chinen also promised, "Let's do some acrobatic stunts."
pictures credit to the rightful owner~
[pictures here~ ]

ahh... Yama-chan and Yuto-kun seems like crying... 

OMEDETOU!!!! ♪♫⋱(。◕‿◕。)★ (^▽^)★(>◡<)⋰♫♪

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